If you are outside Czech Republic, or you have no time to bring your documents to Prague, use our “Remote Accounting” service.

1. Scan all available documents related to your company over the reporting period (a provisional list is provided below) and Send the scans to our e-mail: info@portvision.cz .
2. We will check the documents and let you know the price of our services. You may also estimate it yourself using the Calculator.
3. We will prepare and send a package of documents to a tax inspectorate and other authorities. You will receive the package scan by e-mail.
4. We will send you the invoice. Payment is possible to our bank account or by bank card via PayPal.
5. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Documents or files to be scanned and sent:
1. If this is the first time that you contact our company, please, submit accounting records and tax returns of your company for a previous reporting period:
  • corporate income tax return (přiznání k dani z příjmu pravnických osob)
  • balance sheet (rozvaha)
  • profit and loss statement (výkaz zisku a ztráty)
2. Bank statements of all company accounts over the reporting period (scans of paper statements or statement files in any common format).
3. Documents representing cash flows in the company cash department (pokladna): cheques, receipts, credit and debit slips, etc.
4. Invoices issued or accepted by your company with a payment date mark.
5. Purchase and sale contracts, rental agreements, contracts of lease and facility agreements; transfer protocols and other documents related to the reporting period.