Zero Income Tax Return 2013 Online

In case your company did not have any turnover over the reporting period and you only need to send a "zero" report for 2013 to tax authorities of the Czech Republic, please use this online form.

1. Fill in the form.
2. After submitting the form, we will expect your payment of 1900 Kč to the account 2854090379 / 0800 . Or, after filling in the form, you can use this button for a safe payment by credit card via PayPal:

Zero Income Tax Return Online

3. After receipt of the payment, we will prepare a report and send it to the appropriate tax office. 
4. Then we'll send you the report scan with confirmation of receipt of the tax office. The original is kept in our company. If necessary, you can pick it up in person or request to send it by mail.
5. In case of any questions, please Contact us.

Order Form of "Zero" Income Tax Return Report (Přiznání k dani z příjmu právnických osob):